Pro-Crate 98  


  Pro-Crate 108  


  Super Late Model  

Pro-Crate 98 – A non-oxygenated, ethanol free fuel designed for crate motors which provides more power and a smoother torque curve and also helps engines live longer with our proprietary “lubricity pack”. This formulation provides protection for compression configurations up to 11:1 at 8,500 rpm.   A superior ethanol free crate motor fuel that has been taking over many crate series! This fuel is designed to give extra octane and burn like a tornado during combustion to give you peak power. Provides added protection for configurations up to 12:1 compressions at 8,500 rpm.   If you run a Super Late Model, this fuel is the best pound for pound choice to help you win your weekend race events. This fuel burns super cool, clean and consistent resulting in new-found power. This formulation is developed for late model applications with compression ratios of 15.5:1 and rpm’s approaching 10,000.


Octane – R+M/2:  98

Motor Octane: 94

Research Octane: 103

Specific Gravity: 0.729

RVP: 8.2


Color: Green



Octane – R+M/2:  108

Motor Octane: 104

Research Octane: 112

Specific Gravity: 0.728

RVP: 7.8


Color: Smoke Blue



Octane – R+M/2: 117

Motor Octane: 113

Research Octane: 119

Specific Gravity: 0.726

RVP: 6.5


Color: Light Pink


  Pro-Hot Rod 102  





A high octane unleaded fuel designed for many uses from modern street applications, 4 cylinder import turbos to classic V8’s and powersport markets. Whether it’s your hot rod, boat, motorcycle, jet ski, ATV or snowmobile, you will never find an unleaded that burns like this. Formulated to help protect compression configurations up to 11:1 at 7,500 rpm.   This is the formulation that started it all! The most versatile leaded race fuel in our product line for drag racers,weekend warriors, stock car racers and powersports riders. It burns cooler and cleaner and has more octane than other 110 products on the market. Designed to provide protection for compression configurations up to 14.5:1 at 8,500 rpm.   Designed for engines that require a little more octane than a 110 race fuel. It is a leaded, ethanol free high octane race fuel that is more than just a pretty dye package. Pro-112+ is real octane for serious racers. Provides protection for up to 15:1 compression at 8,500 rpm.


Octane – R+M/2:  102

Motor Octane: 99

Research Octane: 105

Specific Gravity: 0.744

RVP: 5.6


Color: Aqua



Octane – R+M/2: 111

Motor Octane: 108

Research Octane: 113

Specific Gravity: 0.715

RVP: 6.8


Color: Purple



Octane – R+M/2: 113

Motor Octane: 109

Research Octane: 116

Specific Gravity: 0.714

RVP: 7.2


Color: Blue







A true high performance fuel for high compression race engines that need consistency and reliability, with octane you can count on. Provides protection for compression configurations up to 15:1 at 9,000 rpm.   For serious drag racers and high compression bracket racers that need to protect their investment while being consistent to the thousandth. This fuel will make your tuning job easier and you will be able to predict your performance more accurately. Provides protection for nitrous and non-nitrous configurations up to 16:1 at 9,500 rpm.   A specifically designed light fuel which provides better vaporization, faster flame speeds and greater intake cooling effects. A great choice for Top Sportsman, Pro Mod, Turbo or Blower applications. Pro-120+ provides added protection for super exotic applications with 16:1 compression or higher at 10,000 rpm.


Octane – R+M/2: 115

Motor Octane: 111

Research Octane: 119

Specific Gravity: 0.710

RVP: 7.5


Color: Turquoise



Octane – R+M/2: 117

Motor Octane: 114

Research Octane: 120

Specific Gravity: 0.706

RVP: 5.8


Color: Red



Octane – R+M/2: 120

Motor Octane: 120

Research Octane: 120

Specific Gravity: 0.702

RVP: 3.5


Color: Rose


  Pro-120 Nitrous  


  Pro  Nitrous Extreme  



The older brother of our 120+ fuel, this fuel has our proprietary additive package to help lubricate the valve train and cylinders for nitrous applications, while also helping to prevent nitrous implosions. This formulation provides added protection for super exotic configurations that spray nitrous.   Pro-Nitrous Extreme – The latest nitrous-specific formulation to come out of the Renegade labs! Pro-Nitrous Extreme is for racers who want to increase spray volume without the worry of detonation issues occurring during the release of nitrous oxide. Pro-Nitrous Extreme provides protection for race engines with compression ratios of 16:1 and up, while spraying extraordinary amounts of nitrous. (This fuel is non-oxygenated)   (New Formula!) P98 is an ethanol-free unleaded race, small engine and storage fuel that won’t gum up carbs or cause issues like today’s average pump fuels. P98 can be used as a storage fuel or in an exotic car that requires ethanol-free fuel. P98 offers zero start up or storage issues after the longest winters. P98 is a 100% clear fuel great for motorcycles, powersports, street rods, vintage cars, boats and small engine applications.


Octane – R+M/2:  120+

Motor Octane: 120

Research Octane: 120+

Specific Gravity: 0.706

RVP: 3.3


Color: Orange




Octane – R+M/2: 123

Motor Octane: 123

Research Octane: 123

Specific Gravity: 0.710

RVP: 3.9


Color: Pink



Octane: R+M/2: 98

Motor Octane: 96

Research Octane: 100

Specific Gravity: 0.702

RVP: 3


Color: Clear





For all off-road methanol racing applications. Renegade 100% Methanol ignites with a controlled burn that enables racers to be so consistent that the “big money competitors” count on it to win. Cylinder walls, valve guides and roller bearings live longer and there are no “white worms”.    Renegade Pro-E85 is a premium quality racing grade ethanol product. Renegade Pro-E85 is not a pump gas blended ethanol product. It is made with premium cut alkylate and ethanol which produces a high quality, consistent blend racing fuel that eliminates the need for testing and changing tune-ups.


This is just a few of the fuels we can provide from Renegade Race Fuels.

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