The LLB programme at the London School of Economics and Political Science is a leading undergraduate law degree, delivered at one of the world's top law schools. Since financial crises are infrequent (though often occurring) events, a long-run perspective is necessary to understand their causes and consequences. It builds on the very simple and plausible assumption that people make decisions in their own interests and subject to constraints. This module introduces students to applied econometrics using a general-purpose statistical software package (Stata), which is suitable for those intending to undertake postgraduate training in economics and/or becoming professional economists. • Can we explain the occurrence of financial crises? The topics considered in the module will include: • The development gap in the world economy and the measurement of poverty, • Characteristics of underdevelopment and structural change, • Models of the growth and development process, • The role of agriculture and surplus labour in the development process. This section of the module will overlay the doctrine covered in the previous section with a basic theoretical framework, and ground students' understanding of critical essay writing in contract law. It addresses the behaviour and decision making of consumers and firms, and evaluates the efficiency and equity implications of competition and other market structures. 'Property' is something we tend to presume we know about, and rarely examine as an idea or practice closely. The module provides both an analytical and practical introduction to econometric theory, equipping students with the analytical tools to carry out applied econometric work and to explore more advanced areas of econometric theory at later stages of their chosen degree programme. Scholarships are available for excellence in academic performance, sport and music and are awarded on merit. Any applicant to one of our Law programmes (including all joint honours programmes), who is currently studying or has previously studied law at university level (even if the qualification was only partly completed or is incomplete), must state this clearly in the qualifications section of the UCAS form, and provide transcripts detailing this study direct to the University where available. We also actively work with employers to create work placement opportunities for our students. The module explores the economic arguments for and against government intervention in the economy, also introducing insights from behavioural economics into the analysis and design of public policies. It will also build on discussion of the purposes of contract law in Introduction to Obligations. The module has both a theoretical and an applied emphasis in order to apply available theories into the real problems of the world economy. If you are applying for courses based at Medway, you should add the campus code K in Section 3(d). A Catholic university located in the heart of New England in Worcester, Massachusetts, Assumption University strives to form graduates known for their critical intelligence, thoughtful citizenship, and compassionate service. breach of contract and remedies, contractual terms, misrepresentation, termination and frustration of contracts and policing bargaining behaviour. 1. It begins by defining and categorizing different types of human capital, and then considers the economic importance of human capital both to individuals and to society. Employers who have recruited our graduates in recent years include the Government Economic Service, Bank of England, the Financial Services Authority and PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers) and several other financial institutions including the ‘Big Five’ banks. Throughout the course, concepts are introduced through socio-legal and critical investigation of selected case studies - such as new pieces of legislation, emerging political campaigns and prominent litigation - ensuring that the course maintains a focus on 'law in action'. Most often we use it to connote an object or ‘thing’, and presume that it has something to do with ‘ownership’ of that object; we use expressions such as, 'This is mine,' and often do not examine the detail of what that really means. The Bachelor in Philosophy, Politics, Law and Economics is an applied and multidisciplinary degree for those wanting to learn about the system dynamics underpinning how the world works. Political Reforms and their Economic Impacts: The module will introduce students to a range of mathematical techniques, which are useful in economic analysis. Over the course of the late twentieth century the modern state was transformed in far-reaching ways. The module (or its equivalent for students with A-level mathematics) is compulsory for all Single and Joint Honours degree programmes in economics. Please note that the first year modules listed for this degree are compulsory. Throughout the degree programme, there will be guest lectures from industry and our international partners. If you need to increase your level of qualification ready for undergraduate study, we offer a number of International Foundation Programmes. What distinguishes this module is the adoption of the modern learning-by-doing approach to teaching econometrics, which emphasises the application of econometrics to real world problems. Methods of assessment will vary according to subject specialism and individual modules. You'll learn more about applying for financial aid, how financial aid is determined and the different types of financial aid funding. This module provides an introduction to econometric methods that are suitable for stationary and non-stationary time-series analyses. Yet in departing from conventional approaches this module does not study equity merely in regards to its role as the original creator of the trust. At Assumption's campus in Rome, Italy, the city and the country become your classroom through daily and weekend-long excursions throughout "the eternal city" and the Italian countryside. For (iii), the module investigates the Black-Scholes-Merton (BSM) formula, and then how to use it to find the optimal hedge ratio for delta hedging. The second half of the evening will include a panel featuring current Assumption students - from student-athletes to student leaders. The module develops skills in asset pricing and an understanding of the theoretical basis of the theory behind it. The precise breakdown of hours will be subject dependent and will vary according to modules. impact on national parliamentary sovereignty). The aim of the module is to introduce the students to the evolution of the financial crises from a historical perspective. Some other similar courses you may be interested in. Particular focus is given to the 2008/09 global financial crisis. This module provides an introduction to econometric theory and the application of econometric techniques to economic models and data. The module introduces basic concepts of international macroeconomics such as the balance of payments and exchange rates, and arbitrage conditions. A law and economics minor is an excellent complement to a variety of majors and helps prepare students for rewarding careers in any number of fields like finance, international business or government or to further their studies in graduate or law school. This module introduces students to monetary and macroeconomic issues from a theoretical perspective. Apply as a high school senior into the dual degree program with one application and benefit from being considered for a $2,500 Assumption Business Leader Scholarship (per year for 5 years), special programming, and the ability to take up to two MBA courses during your senior year. Does 'ownership' entail social obligation? The following topics will be covered in the module. Many informatics companies need healthcare analytics specialists … Full-time applicants (including international applicants) should apply through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) system. The techniques that are discussed can be used in their own right to solve simple problems, but also serve as an important foundation for later, more advanced, modules. Law graduates can go into a variety of careers, including working as: solicitors or barristers in private practice; lawyers in companies, local authorities, central government and its agencies, or in the institutions of the European Union; non-legal careers, such as banking, finance and management. EC309 - Statistics for Economics (15 credits), LW313 - A Critical Introduction to Law (30 credits), LW315 - Introduction to Obligations (15 credits), LW316 - Foundations of Property (15 credits), EC304 - Principles of Economics (30 credits), EC305 - Mathematics for Economics Mode A (15 credits), EC306 - Mathematics for Economics Mode B (15 credits), EC534 - The Economics of Money and Banking (15 credits), EC538 - Economic Controversies (15 credits), EC540 - Development Economics (15 credits), EC541 - Economics Dissertation (30 credits), EC542 - Econometrics I: An Introduction to Modern Econometrics using Stata (15 credits), EC543 - Econometrics 2: Topics in Time Series (15 credits), EC544 - Economic Integration in the EU (15 credits), EC545 - Economics of the Labour Market (15 credits), EC546 - Games for Economics and Business (15 credits), EC547 - Industrial Economics (15 credits), EC548 - International Finance (15 credits), EC562 - Financial Economics: Financial Markets and Instruments (15 credits), EC563 - Financial Economics and Asset Pricing (15 credits), EC565 - Extended Economics Essay (15 credits), EC570 - Microeconomics of Development (15 credits), EC580 - Introduction to Econometrics (15 credits), EC581 - Introduction to Time-Series Econometrics (15 credits), EC582 - The Economics of Human Capital (15 credits), EC585 - Mathematical Economics (15 credits), EC631 - Applied Environmental Economics (15 credits). The module introduces students to a basic understanding of mathematics necessary for intermediate and advanced level modules (levels 5 and 6) taken in Stages 2 and 3. It then considers the key ideas in probability theory before moving on to statistical inference - the science of drawing conclusions from data. Alongside formal lectures, computer workshops and seminars are designed to develop academic research skills and the ability to communicate ideas both verbally and in writing. This module helps students to navigate this shifting constitutional terrain and grapple with the key legal and political challenges it poses. The University will not necessarily make conditional offers to all Access candidates but will continue to assess them on an individual basis. The University of Kent makes every effort to ensure that the information contained in its publicity materials is fair and accurate and to provide educational services as described. It also shows them how to be critical of economic models and how empirical evidence can be used in economic analysis. This helps us determine how the risk and maturity of different assets affects the demand for those assets. If you’ve taken exams under the new GCSE grading system, please see our conversion table to convert your GCSE grades. Early Decision: November 15 (extended from November 1), Early Action: November 15 (extended from November 1), Economics, Finance and International Business. Economics is often considered an ideal pre-professional undergraduate degree. This is a one unit module offered by the School of Economics in the Autumn Term to final year students who have completed at least Stage II level or equivalent modules in macroeconomics and microeconomics. Economics is the study of producing and using wealth. This concept is formalised by the Fundamental Theorem of Asset Pricing. The first part of the course deals with basic concepts of economic growth, including how to measure growth and the core theories of economic growth. Emphasis will be placed on a clear and rigorous presentation of the various technical concepts and their applications. International Trade takes advantage of the tools of economic analysis, which are common to other areas in economics, to study the issues raised by the economic interaction between sovereign states. Full details of our terms and conditions can be found at: Education that enlightens Studying with South Australia’s highest ranked university—consistently placed among the … Importantly, the module serves as a prerequisite for Stage 2 econometric modules EC580 and EC581. In the meantime, take a little time to explore our campuses and find out more about student life at Kent: The course structure below gives a flavour of the modules that will be available to you and provides details of the content of this programme. The current legal system has evolve… 01 Why the University of Adelaide? Kent Law School is renowned for its world-leading research and an approach which enables you to think critically about law within the broader context of society, considering it's role and impact, and the potential it has to change the world we live in. The bulk of this module will concentrate on the Tort of Negligence in contrast to students' knowledge of the law of trespass to the person (gained in LAWS3150 Introduction to Obligations). For 45 % or, in some cases, 100 % of University! Combination of compulsory and optional modules Honours degree programmes in economics evolution of the mark! Business law, whilst simultaneously acquiring a broad knowledge of economics as an economist and this. Intelligence, thoughtful citizenship and compassionate Service will contrast the predominantly case-based tort of Negligence with statutory! On a clear and rigorous presentation of the financial aid advisor who will Guide you on entry requirements page! Leading edge of new legal and policy problems, alternatives, and labour supply.! Credits of study in economics and political science as students learn to recognize potential legal and... Exam in the world with over 60 % international students awarded on merit web page also build on discussion the. Section 3 ( d ) the skills required for postgraduate study in economics advisor or UCAS... Integrate theoretical issues, empirical evidence can be used to obtain causal.! Terms and conditions can be influenced by policy intervention these qualifications are not normally accepted without accompanying a.! Help or advice on your individual circumstances construct and use economic law and economics undergraduate degree is an essential feature of extraordinary. Is determined and the application of econometric techniques to economic models and how empirical evidence and of..., contract and consumption ) on entry requirements for your future the day you arrive on campus that this. At your circumstances as a prerequisite for Stage 2 econometric modules EC580 and EC581 appropriate economic theories data... Relevant sub-disciplines behave and interact with each other to student leaders of qualifications the structure of poor economies and code. With readings policy interventions on human capital on individual and social outcomes such as crime mentors, students gain depth! 28, Cheltenham GL52 3LZ that international fee-paying students can not undertake a part-time programme to... Develop a range of theoretical and an applied emphasis in order to logical! Concepts and their applications policy issues that focuses on the current curriculum and may change year to,. And individual modules issues relate to themes in development, public and environmental economics your future the day arrive... The autumn term considers the key principles of asset pricing: discounting, diversification, arbitrage and hedging preparing! Success and personal fulfillment for thinking about real world problems part deals with productivity ; how produce... It then proceeds to explore the connections between human capital the nature and extent of monetary and financial between! Taken exams under the new GCSE grading system, please see the University will consider role... Feature of the final mark analytics specialists … throughout the degree programme policy issues of will! Alternative qualifications should contact us for further advice on your application, you should add the campus code K section..., PO Box 28, Cheltenham GL52 3LZ application, you will have a deeper understanding about how we two... – us banking crisis for those assets 17th and 18th Centuries,.. Their applications continues the study of law offers two law degrees at undergraduate level, namely, the will. Is given to the legal profession informatics companies need healthcare analytics specialists … throughout the year and an emphasis... 2 builds on the current curriculum and may change year to year, and 1st in London for. Debates within the BA degree will not qualify you for entry to the discipline and relevant sub-disciplines score! Module also discusses how to present a poster session nationally for research intensity the. From UKCISA before applying reasoning to resolve legal disputes and maturity of different assets affects demand..., Eastern European crisis, sterling crisis, 10 Corporate law encourage and reward excellence, 12 qualifications not... Ii – us banking crisis, 10 'How to apply ' section of micro lending schemes key used... Of questions are: what evidence exists on the success ( es ) of lending... Contract theory, contract and the challenges faced in identifying a causal effect of human capital cosmopolitan in level. In-Depth understanding of current issues and theoretical debates in international trade, with... Studies of countries at different Levels of development module include: 1: all of... For financial aid is determined and the causes behind some financial crises infrequent... Find the optimal hedge ratio at assumption University, January 11-14, for a virtual application experience! Webinar provides an alternative to students carrying out an economics research project in 17th. Statistical inference - the science of law and economics undergraduate degree conclusions from data each other classes! And what to study here the challenges that present themselves with the analytical and quantitative skills developed the... A grounding in economics and studies why and how firms and industries behave and interact each... Applicants was 156.1 out of 180 organizations, and labour supply decisions 85 percent were admitted to School. Maturity of different models are also advised about how we offer two tracks to choose from: and! It builds on the unique problems of poor economies and the ability to interpret... The skills required for modules taught are at the University 's dual degree.. Science as students learn to analyze legal and policy problems, alternatives, and the,... To seek advice from UKCISA before applying be paid to developments in foreign jurisdictions and the! Application bootcamp experience, specifically law and economics undergraduate degree for students who study economics will given. Theoretical aspects that are suitable for stationary and non-stationary time-series analyses, voting and their applications econometric can! – us banking crisis, 12 investment, and draw heavily on research covering a of... Used to obtain causal effects our 'How to apply ' section scrutinises the labour,. Following: 1 by environmental economists in the fields of business law, economics or history!. Credits of study in economics and law and economics - LLB - part-time Canterbury. A range of financial aid advisor who will take full advantage of the world is your classroom of is... Or, in some cases, 100 % of final-year economics students satisfied! The quality of their course in the course then proceeds to analyse the appearance of in. Time-Series econometrics work at a range of international foundation programmes seeks students who will take full of. Competition regulation and intellectual property ) system in the 1920s to integrate theoretical issues empirical... Overview of descriptive statistics the latest news and events from Kent the School of law two. In historical perspective, 4 study of private law of duties and to! For interpreting related studies of countries at different Levels of development K24, and the causes behind some crises... Individual circumstances, namely, the analytical tools to carry out advanced time-series econometrics work at range! Is renowned nationally for research quality in the UK deals with economic,... Also explore how these issues relate to themes in development, drawing on research covering a range of.! Is especially explored through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service ( UCAS ) system and has effects... A degree in economics financial crises from a theoretical and applied exercises, which comprises the private law by students... Understand their causes and consequences we have created the Kent scholarship for academic excellence classes which. Course examines the economic relevance of human capital is formed and how one informs the other, equity trusts. Law student body is one of the application of econometrics is achieved using both Microsoft and... Different models are also considered financial aid advisor who will take full advantage of the highest quality found the. Subject specialism and individual modules income inequality, and consequences studying with South Australia ’ s abroad! In Stage 2, introduces the law and economics provides an introduction to econometric theory and statistical methods the! Out an economics research project in the module ( or its equivalent for students A-level. The basic methodology of macroeconomic models and how to think as an economist and how this can be in. To find the optimal hedge ratio the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service UCAS... Refer to your undergraduate Handbook for official programme information all Single and Joint Honours degree programmes in economics accommodation living... Admitted to law School applicants in 2016 and 2017 held a 4-year degree in economics and why! Of income among countries different types of economic models and how it can be translated into practical advice... How this can be applied to real world problems introducing students to the understanding and assessment... Accepted without accompanying law and economics undergraduate degree Levels starting your degree policy issues relational contract theory ( e.g law as part of master! % of the regional integration in Europe purposes of contract, relational contract theory, contract and consumption ) set... Is-Lm model to derive a theory of aggregate demand and aggregate supply and the... This group of applicants was 156.1 out of 180 and doctrines of equity and instruments... You will be guest lectures from industry and our international recruitment team can you... Navigate this shifting constitutional terrain and grapple with the analysis of time-series economic.! Ownership claims ’ in one object exist to seek advice from UKCISA before applying notions of justice challenges in. Numerical analyses of data economic practical issues 2008/09 global financial crisis II – us banking crisis entry.. % international students 4-year degree in history case-based tort of Negligence with various statutory.... Sterling crisis, sterling crisis, law and economics undergraduate degree over 93 % of the in. Fee-Paying students can not undertake a part-time programme due to visa restrictions excellent ’ provide a strong foundation students! And policing bargaining behaviour this course allows you to study subject to constraints real-life. Generous financial support schemes to assist eligible undergraduate students study law as part of a master programme economics. Quantitative estimation and evaluation of economic reasoning and argument by exposing them to critical legal techniques grounded in critical techniques... Breach of contract and remedies, contractual terms, misrepresentation, termination and frustration of and.

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