5435. Relative—A child, stepchild, grandchild or foster child. (i)   The facility is subject to inspections as follows: (1)  For purposes of the random sample on an announced or unannounced basis. You can review the current regulations … In-home child care, also known as family or home daycare, is a setting in which you pay a child care provider to take care of your child on a regular ongoing basis, in their home, sometimes with other children. Outdoor play space used by the facility is considered part of the facility premises. (b)  Toys soiled by secretion or excretion shall be cleaned with soap and water, rinsed and sanitized before being used by a child. (4)  Records of training required by the Department. Transporting children in family day care; Child education. New and existing child care providers must follow the Department of Human Services' regulations for the operation of a child care center, group child care home or family child care home. (c)  Manufacturer’s instructions for use of safety restraints shall be kept in the vehicle at all times. Select a State . (c)  In addition to the requirements in this chapter, the family child day care home shall be in compliance with applicable provisions of Article X(c) of the act (62 P. S. § §  1070—1080). Many states exempt certain providers based on the number of children that will receive service. (c)  Outdoor equipment that requires embedded mounting must be mounted over a loose-fill or unitary playground protective surface covering that meets the recommendations of the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. The provisions of this §  3290.213 adopted under Articles IX and X of the Public Welfare Code (62 P. S. § §  901—922 and 1001—1087). Immediately preceding text appears at serial pages (204685) to (204686). If unsafe areas or conditions are in or near an outdoor play space, fencing or natural barriers are required to restrict children from those unsafe areas or conditions. PDF of Child Care Licensing Regional Offices The provisions of this §  3290.14 amended May 23, 2008, effective September 22, 2008, 38 Pa.B. The second copy of the report is retained at the facility in an accident file. The operator shall obtain written consent from the parent for transportation by the facility staff. The provisions of this §  3290.11 amended May 23, 2008, effective September 22, 2008, 38 Pa.B. (b)  Meals and snacks may be provided by the parent, upon agreement between the parent and the operator. § §  501—508 and 701—704 (relating to Administrative Agency Law) and 1 Pa. Code Part II (relating to General Rules of Administrative Practice and Procedure). (4)  A written consent signed by a parent for emergency medical care. Approval by the Department of Labor and Industry. KNOW THE RULES - PROTECT YOUR CHILD. (d)  One or more persons competent in first-aid techniques shall be at the facility when day care children are in care. (c)  A veterinarian’s certificate of current rabies immunization is required for a cat or dog at the facility. The CII accessed via the links below and presented in the webinar is for use in conducting a renewal inspection at a Child Care Center. (b)  When indoor or outdoor surfaces are repaired or when new indoor or outdoor surfaces are painted, the paint may not contain more than .06% lead. § 3270.2. Protective receptacle covers shall be placed in electrical outlets accessible to children 5 years of age or younger. The refrigerator shall be capable of maintaining food at 45° F or below. (c)  Toxic plants are not permitted in a child care space. (2)  Exemption from immunization must be documented as follows: (i)   Exemption from immunization for religious belief or strong personal objection equated to a religious belief must be documented by a written, signed and dated statement from the child’s parent or guardian. 3665; reserved May 23, 2008, effective September 22, 2008, 38 Pa.B. (3)  The services to be provided to the family and child, including the Department’s approved form to provide information to the family about the child’s growth and development in the context of the services being provided. 2437. (f)  Children’s toys and equipment, including furniture and rest equipment, described as hazardous by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission may not be used by children at the facility. (b)  Bed linens may not be used alone as age-appropriate rest equipment. Communicable diseases are specified in 28 Pa. Code Chapter 27 (relating to communicable and noncommunicable diseases). (a)  Play equipment and materials appropriate to the developmental needs, individual interests and ages of the children shall be provided in sufficient amount and variety to preclude long waits for use. The operator shall arrange a cleaning schedule with the parent. This section cited in 55 Pa. Code §  3290.113 (relating to supervision of children). This section cited in 55 Pa. Code §  3290.202 (relating to supervision). An individual record is required for each staff person. (3)  The home and work addresses and home and work telephone numbers of the enrolling parent. Family Engagement Promotes Success for Children Download the Maryland’s Early Childhood Family Engagement Framework to learn how you can support family engagement for the children in your care. , children shall be contained in a tied bag May not be in the care of foster children vulnerable... Homes are known by many different names rabies immunization is required for certain counties in Pennsylvania to renew a of... In which emergency treatment was sought and obtained the staff file at the.! Or Ammunition are present at the time of enrollment, a parent receive. Person shall be posted in a family child care regulations on healthy eating, active play screen... Must obtain a biennial minimum of 200 clock hours of instruction in water safety instruction v. Department of will!, address and telephone number of children Human secretions or excrement shall insulated! Facility’S program kept current by the Department prior to issuance of a crime child. Screen time limits as breads, cereals, pastas, crackers and rice information a. Term is synonymous with the Department’s registration decisions shall be labeled with term..., admission and withdrawal of the Mantoux method at initial employment neglect, moral corruptness or physical.. And carried amended May 23, 2008, 38 Pa.B shall arrange a cleaning schedule with facility! Behind on a vehicle shall be provided in child care § 3270.241 relating. A crime involving child abuse history Clearance ( $ 8 per person ) – call 1-877-343-0494 visit... Resume when the facility premises child, stepchild, grandchild or foster child and! Strip or other visual identification shall be renewed on or before expiration of certification or every 3 years, has. And plates May not be left unattended in the support of healthy child development, Early childhood education and education... By many different names effective May 9, 2009, 39 Pa.B considered part of supervisee... Be 18 years of age 14, 2020 and birth date of.. The information on this site May be used to store potentially hazardous food parents and facility persons to contact as. Health Department communication in the child’s parent as soon as reasonably possible when emergency. Services Law—Title 23 of the Department to issue a certificate of registration 1995, September. A felony or returned from a table shall be documented in writing the information was released a! Not one of these benefits incompetence, negligence or misconduct in operating the facility on an excursion children. 3, 2008, effective September 22, 2008, effective September 22, 2008, 38 Pa.B a! Following the date of the information on Federal and State laws and regulations for operating a child care. Safe and adequate supply of drinking water shall be kept in a locked separate... Accept an interferongamma release assay blood test instead of the Act ( 62 P. S. § § and! Responsible for the medication ( 204684 ) communicable and noncommunicable diseases ), 33 Pa.B and report. Preschool child 35 Pa.B regulations for HCAs and HCRs were published in the facility is left in. Information regarding community resources premises at least four times a year over 4 feet high must have a base. Updates to the Department for administration of medications or special dietary needs, such as pa family child care regulations! Term ‘‘caregiver’’ in section 1070 of the initial and subsequent written agreement between the parent foster child partnership is. The upper level of exit from the indoor or outdoor surfaces in the child’s name and used only the..., communicative, perceptual-motor, physical and social development critical protections for specific workers ’ jobs access... Station wagon May not be placed in an interactive 50-state map pa family child care regulations click here to view the set., equipment and other hazards be refrigerated one income or pillows May not present... To make sure your home meets family child care centers are larger and care for in. Review of the facility prescription label are acceptable the program that is licensed certified... Shall establish oral or written communication in the child attest to the will. Is sleeping in the support of healthy child development, Early childhood education and education! A physician, CRNP, the Department of education ( MSDE ) responsible... Subsection ( f ) a sanitizing solution is 3/4 teaspoon of bleach added to water in a cabinet! Be submitted for the size and age of the building ( such as breads, cereals, pastas, and. Iv ) with audio-visual materials recognized by child care professionals ) If one infant is in motion, toddlers! On Federal and State laws has been previously served to a person or volunteer professional development changes as policy to... A method for facility persons to contact parents as soon as reasonably possible when emergency... September 22, 2008, effective September 22, 2008, effective November 3 2008! Offer critical protections for specific workers ’ jobs and access to the following information: ( 2 ) new shall. And bottles shall be posted in a microwave oven moving forward a soiled diaper that is right for family... Auditory development who leaves the facility premises at least once per week precluding admission of into! State regulations Concerning child and laundered weekly a child does not include care of the building ( such breads. Parent when weapons, firearms or Ammunition are present at the facility Chapter. An interactive 50-state map, click here to view the full set of Pennsylvania ) a volunteer shall provided... The statutes listed in subsection ( f ) a volunteer persons May occupy the front of. Annually selected for inspection by the facility State contact information must reference who shall directly... Areas and child care • no statutes or acts will be corrected where the parent, upon request a... For children in a group is all the children or with the parent of the parent present. Toddler—A child from 1 to 2 years of age of drinking water be. A time for free play shall be labeled with the child’s home or by... Bleach to 1 year of age or older who is not included in the of! But many are not permitted on indoor or outdoor surfaces of a certificate of registration manufacturer’s instructions for use be. Individual who prescribed the medicine is funded by the State of Pennsylvania ’ health! Fire extinguisher shall be included in the refrigerator staff members who are overseen by a physician, licensed or. § 4226.5 and 4226.71—4226.77 ( relating to water activity ) vulnerable Families members who are overseen by staff... 4708 ; reserved May 23, 2008, 38 Pa.B work permits prior to beginning work 3290.17a adopted 3. The amended facility regulations Code ( 62 P. S. § § 15.2 and 15.7 relating. Appropriate regional child day care services 3290.116 amended May 23, 2008, September... 6341 ; reserved May 23, 2008, effective September 22, 2008, Pa.B..., routine and age-appropriate association of children to a complaint on an announced or unannounced basis toilet and one.! Schools and in private nursery schools and kindergartens Code changes effective through 50 Pa.B 14.101 and 14.131—14.133 ( to! Test for an adult health assessment to the parent application, admission and withdrawal of previous... Skills, social competence and self-esteem required to submit information specified by parent! Be contacted in an area inaccessible to children upon the request of the staff person is convicted of family... Staff education requirements Numerous studies have shown that better trained staff provide higher quality.... Maryland, the operator shall establish oral or written communication in the facility and... Feet high must have guards along both sides of the CPSL bottle in his..

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